Review: Keratase Bain Volumactive shampoo

Normal shampoos strip the hair of its natural oils causing hair, especially finer or damaged hair, to go limp and flat. Volumizing shampoos contain proteins that work in various ways. These include humectants, which are non-oily substances that attract and pull in moisture from the surrounding environment. These help to swell a person’s hair shafts to create the illusion of thicker and fuller hair. Other proteins work to strengthen the hair shaft and repair damaged hair by restoring its moisture retention properties and elasticity to give it a shine and strength. Yet more expensive shampoos contain silk proteins with pH restoring properties. This prevents brittleness and adds moisture to hair without adding weight to the surface, which can make hair look thicker.

So what this means is your hair will look fuller after a few washes of a volumizing shampoo like the Keratase Bain Volumactive. They are not cheap. A 250ml bottle costs about S$25-30.

Keratase Bain Volumactive
Depending on your needs, Keratase has a few ranges of products:

  • Cristalliste for Long Hair Fine | Thick hair
  • Nutritive for Dry / Curly / Rebellious hair
  • Résistance for Fine / Damaged hair
  • Réflection for Color-Treated hair
  • Age Premium for Mature Hair and Scalp
  • Spécifique for Thinning Hair / Dandruff
  • Soleil for Sun-Exposed hair
  • Homme for Men’s Hair and Scalp
  • Elixir Ultime are Treatment Oils All Hair Types

The “Resistance” range for fine/damaged hair are in the green bottles, while the “Age Premium” are in the purple ones. You might also want to know that for each range, “Bain” is the shampoo, “Lait” is the conditioner, and there is also a “Masque” for deep conditioning.

Manufacturer information
A shampoo that fortifies and adds volume to fine hair.
Rebuilds the holding structure of your hair.
Fortifies every strand from the inside to the outside for maximum effectiveness.
Smoothes, heals and protects.
Your hair has more volume and is more lively.
The surface of your hair is smoother and softer.
Apply a quarter-sized amount to wet hair and scalp.
Massage head using palms of the hands.
Emulsify and rinse thoroughly

See ingredients

Personal experience

I used the shampoo without a conditioner for a few weeks, and the results were impressive. A five cents dab every shower; a bottle goes a long way for me. It lathers very well and I like the smell. Since volumizing shampoos deposit stuff on the hair, I washed it off with a regular shampoo and conditioner weekly. So far it seems to work. My hair is no longer limp, and is now softer and fuller in body. My scalp is regular, not dry. I suspect if I had drier scalp, a conditioner after the shampoo might be necessary. Let me know!


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