Interventions: Live long and prosper – Nature article

There is an article in Nature this month.

“Caloric restriction is the most powerful known intervention in ageing.”

It seems like of eating less (caloric restriction) in animals and even in human subjects have the effects of slowing aging and longevity. What is not clear is how does that works. Research in finding compounds that will retard aging are also researched. However, it will be a long way before we get an anti-aging pill. Research is laborious, as one might imagine. Studies in monkeys have to wait for them to die before we can analyze the effects of the chemicals.

Slowing aging and hence age-related diseases will be the major challenges in aging research.

“Ageing isn’t a disease, and lifespan extension will be almost impossible to prove in humans.”

Ominous words. Diseases can be treated or managed, but if aging is part of the human condition, we are all destined to age one way or another.


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